Doctor with a stethoscope


Our call center can connect patients with medical staff. Hospitals and medical centers offer a large number of services, such as grow awareness of health issues, and monitoring tests and laboratory results. All these services are available from our medical consultants.

The team of the IBA Call Center is highly experienced, professional, and motivated. Our experienced team answer to clients, patients, and medical professionals with relevant manner. Our professional agents are responsible  to record and communicate any complaints and comments on the services.

Health care is a very dynamic and diverse sector so that requires a lot of communication and communication between patients and medical centers and are greatly impacted by the customer experience.

The IBA Call Center is exclusively staffed by medical background consultant. Our highly trained staff  answer to inquiries from health care professionals, patients, and regular customers, in compliance with the individual agreed-upon program guidelines and capture, transfer negative event and product complaints in a validated database.

IBA Call Center services range for promoting health awareness campaigns, connect patients to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, center appointment setting or house calls, and following up from tests and lab results to appointments setting for labs, doctor offices, clinics, and radiology centers.