Engage Every Website Visitor Through Live Chat Support to Enjoy Your Business Boom

To drive traffic to its website online firm invests a sizable sum of money in Google Ads and other sources. Unfortunately, they only prosper in convincing 2.35% of this traffic to make the desired action. The e-commerce companies exert all of their effort to keep these visitors on their websites and persuade them to purchase by using appealing themes, eye-catching images, and—most importantly—having a dedicated live person ready to talk with clients. Responding to messages, saving time by quickly announcing new bargains, locating the goods or services that customers require, keeping track of their complaints, and sending them to the appropriate division are all duties of this person. Additionally, he is responsible for outlining competitive advantages over rival companies in the same sector, acquiring measurable data, and directing visitors to the website.

The best method to receive an answer to a question, resolve a complaint, advertise new specials, and direct site visitors to crucial pages is with excellent live chat assistance. Additionally, collect consumer data and facilitate website navigation for customers to emphasize a corporate edge.

That creates a strong connection between online businesses and their customers. Therefore, in this case, the skill of the people at the keyboard is crucial. Most companies outsource this service and hire the best customer support service providers around the globe to handle their live chat support through already trained and qualified staff. Few businesses manage their in-house setup to maintain proper infrastructure, conduct regular training, and supervise their performance. The wise decision to hire a third party gives the online business plenty of time to handle managerial responsibilities and enjoy an uncharacteristic increase in website conversion rate with the aid of outstanding run-time chat support provided by a live human. The subcontracting company is responsible for keeping track of website traffic, user actions, and queries and making relevant recommendations to engage users in chat and persuade them to purchase.

IBA Call Center Services has built an infrastructure of regular training and goal-oriented working that makes us the most competent and professional contact center outsourcing agency, also enjoy widespread trust by e-commerce businesses to provide live chat support to their customers. We have hired high-profile agents, built up a setup supported by cutting-edge technology, developed methodical procedures, established a calm working environment, and designed systematic techniques. We provide a one-stop solution to communicate with customers, solve their confusion, guide them on the best options and assist them in shopping and payment. We have deliberately trained and instructed our chosen agents to manage particular scenarios, urged them to retain emotional stability, used positive language, and prodded them to supply correct information to provide live chat service representing our clients. Our team of skilled chat troopers is always on duty to greet every visitor to the website, identify their concerns and address them without delay and ensure a smooth purchase process. Also, they can assist clients in selecting a package that suits their needs, acquire data regarding those needs to recommend the company’s most suitable offers, record complaints, and guarantee a rapid resolution. And they can gather personal information from clients to update them on new items and continuing promotions, as well as emphasize the advantages of the business to build trust and dispel any misunderstandings. These representatives are skilled at delivering first-rate customer service support to forge a relationship between your business and your clients that will enhance website traffic conversion by 30%. Experience outstanding live chat support services through the help of our dependable, knowledgeable, and competent agents to leave a positive brand impression, increase your conversion rate, and be accessible at all times, day and night, to speak with your customers. With the aid of our ECCS Portal, you will be able to access chat history, keep track of ongoing chat sessions, look up the profiles of specific agents assigned to your project, see the agent’s suggestions for improvement, and benefit from a wide range of other advantages in addition to expert live chat support. 

Use Hidden Features to Discover Additional Live Chat Support Benefits

More than 41% of online shoppers claim to make purchases from websites with live chat help because firms never undervalue the value of providing customer support through this channel. Numerous businesses offer live chat support software with lots of features and choices. Get the most out of your chat support by switching from a self-hosted server to a cloud-based one, utilizing its multi-channel, exploiting its sophisticated features to the fullest, implementing essential security, and employing an educated, professional, and trained staff. Every chat support platform offers a few concealed abilities and unique tricks, whether you use live chat, social network chat boxes like Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messaging, or tawk.to, Smartsupp, LiveHelpNow, Olark, SnapEngage, HubSpot, Chatlio, or LiveAgent. Our trained live chat support staff is ready to serve you to get maximum benefits from these features of your chat application. Enjoy a high conversion rate by establishing trust through sending chat transcripts directly from the application, forging personal connections through the use of customized chat themes, dominating the competition through the use of multi-channel integration, and retaining the highest number of customers through support for various iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices, and quickly resolving customer pain points through the sharing of necessary files directly from your installed software. By utilizing all the features of your live chat support, you can get your customers involved in spreading the word about your services and products in a chat room and creating a positive brand image while resolving customer complaints.