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Ask every customer what they want and provide outstanding live chat support to build relationships and make them feel valued

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Live chat support is essential utensil to stay connected with your customers and  strengthen the relationship. IBA Call Center Services has developed a proper training system to educate chat support agents about how to engage visitors in conversation and imprint a good brand image in the mind of your customers. With our systematic live chat customer service, we can provide proactive chat, proper visitor tracking, chat routing, achieve a positive rating, and canned responses to foster buyer trust, gain a competitive edge, increase online purchase order size, stay in touch with a customer, and improve website experience. Many business are opting human base chat support from our agents because we have trained to be honest, helpful, presentable, thankful, and constantly working on productive tasks.

We provide unparalleled live chat customer support for giving your customers a quick response, boosting customer happiness and preserving relationships, improving direct customer relations, improve direct customer relation and saving customers by pointing them to the appropriate web page. 

Discover Why Thousands of Companies Use Our Services

Let’s work mutually to help you achieve your goals. Enjoy apportion of designated person for each project to work entirely for your business. Obtain the commitment of the designated person to create admirable marketing for the project that will guarantee to meet our client’s confidence. The representative is very carefully selected based on their capability to deliver convenient service and their level of relevant industry expertise.

The project manager is directing of connecting with business to remain them updated and delivering performance reports regularly. Before hiring our virtual staff, we set up one-on-one meetings with project manager and dedicated team to make sure the entire department must cooperate to realize your pre-established aims.

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