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We provide records and information management, contact center, Inbound and Outbound Call Center services, business process outsourcing solutions. Our services are not predicated on resource investment but on delivering real value to our customers. Over the last decade, we have developed an extensive knowledge base, which allows us to deliver services to our customer efficiently and cost effectively.

All our services are following the latest technology. This allows us to not only manage our solutions efficiently but also importantly to provide evacuation to our customers.

IBA Call Center Services facilitates call centers as well as other types of BPO businesses for handling contact center services on their behalf, if for any reason, they are not able to do so. Our services are adopted to suit any business regardless of its scale or size, whether it’s small or medium sized business. As long as you are in need of help and assistance, our flexible and competent agents will be at your service.

Over 50,000 businesses worldwide belong to the IBA which provides services to improve employee and consumer experiences.


Your company undoubtedly interacts with hundreds of customers. How can you differentiate between them when they all make big promises? We’re exceptional in our  business.


Today the customer expects to receive what they desire. You can fulfill all your customers requirements using this business. Use call center services to ensure that your consumers build strong relationships with your business. They can guarantee both their satisfaction and built loyalty with the brand