Mustafa Hassan

Mustafa Hassan, the founder of IBA Call Center Dubai UAE, Manchester UK and Lebanon, has 11 years of experience in the call center outsourcing and digital marketing. Also, Mr. Mustafa is General Manager of IBA Advertising UK Ltd in Manchester, United Kingdom. In Dubai he is known as Mr Speedy SEO for spearheading quick SEO campaigns for the UAE Healthcare industry.
Past experience includes management of successful Sales, Lead Generation, Database Management, Healthcare, E-Commerce & CRM campaigns with special emphasis on assisting customers with limited outsourcing experience.

Mustafa Hassan

The secret to marketing success is no secret at all : Word of mouth is all that matters


Mr. Mustafa has famous clients from all over the world

“IBA Team is very reliable and is always there when you need them. They always provide 100% service, who needs another agency when you have all you need in one place such as IBA?”